Good day people of the internet! We have a new EP out very soon. 17th March to be precise. To celebrate we are back out on the road, with a series of dates at some old favourites and some new places. All very exciting. The new EP will be titled ‘Where The Wild Things Hide..

End of Festivals and NEW EP!

The festivals ended and we all got festival flu and spent a week in bed. But we are back out of hibernation and busy prepping our debut EP! Planned to be out in October and we’ll be playing a few shows to celebrate! Here’s a few festival snaps..  

Summer is here!!!!

Everything is brewing up nicely for a great summer of music and good times. Jeremy Corbyn is on the rise. Theresa May is getting stabbed in the back and the sun is out just to stir it all up a bit more! Thankyou Bill Giles for this sexy poster!