New Year New Music

It’s a new year. We are currently holed up in Tom B Cooper’s studio putting on the oo’s and the la’s to our new material. Tom is our Rick Rubin. He is a zen buddha. He let’s us do our thing until we have gone too far and then he reins us back in with..

2018 Round Up

Photo by Paul James. We just wanted to say happy new year to you all on here! Here’s to a greater 2019 for the planet. ✌️ Just wanted to say thank you for the great musical year we have had and all the wonderful support we have received. We’ve been going just over 2 years, we feel..

Lay Down Let Go

This is our new single. “Their latest track emphasises their rock sensibilities, with grungey guitar and galloping percussion framing a call to arms in the war against our own social media newsfeeds.” Nitelife Online Thank you everyone who came out on a Monday night to appear in the video. We were stoked and the video..


You can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame. Since I Was A Boy A song of betrayal, of false hope and breaking free from the ties that have held you back and held you down. There are moments in life when we are deceived and lied to, but we don’t always realise it..

Tour Tour Tour in the Winter Time….

We are currently stewing up some new music for you all. Thank you everyone who has bought or streamed our last release. You can buy it here if you’re interested. This new music we have been brewing, we are releasing a new single titled ‘Lay Down Let Go’ in November and so we wanted to..

Blues Matters Review

TRUE STRAYS WHERE THE WILD THINGS HIDE AND HUNT Independent In an era of over produced music, where slick production and session musicians prevail, it is a true joy to hear music that is played and produced just for the importance of the music itself. This Bristol based trio seem to hark back to a..

Ocelot Review

Thankyou Ed Dyer from The Ocelot for this review: These songs fizz out of your speakers, crackling with an energy and sheer, unadulterated joy, challenging you to stomp your feet, to get up and throw yourself around. Musically the formula is simple; slide guitars scream, double bass thumps, the beats have more energy than a..