Tour Tour Tour in the Winter Time….

We are currently stewing up some new music for you all. Thank you everyone who has bought or streamed our last release. You can buy it here if you’re interested. This new music we have been brewing, we are releasing a new single titled ‘Lay Down Let Go’ in November and so we wanted to..

Blues Matters Review

TRUE STRAYS WHERE THE WILD THINGS HIDE AND HUNT Independent In an era of over produced music, where slick production and session musicians prevail, it is a true joy to hear music that is played and produced just for the importance of the music itself. This Bristol based trio seem to hark back to a..

Ocelot Review

Thankyou Ed Dyer from The Ocelot for this review: These songs fizz out of your speakers, crackling with an energy and sheer, unadulterated joy, challenging you to stomp your feet, to get up and throw yourself around. Musically the formula is simple; slide guitars scream, double bass thumps, the beats have more energy than a..


Before I knew, or so they say. Oh to be young, full of hope, with a life plan that will play out just as you envision. Just work hard enough, keep smiling and all will be yours…right? Don’t get me wrong, I still follow these morals with the same enthusiasm as my younger self did..


“Here comes the new release from the swamp brothers of Bristol, True Strays about to blow your doors clean off, c’mon, hit it!” A whisky soaked beauty of human being. Our first encounter with this soul came late one smokey night, as many an encounter does, but not all hold our dwindling attention span as..


Canción numéro 4…. Heal The Haunting Damn those scrounging, lingering demons…. This was a song that lyrically took many forms before it revealed its true self. Stanzas whirling and never fixating until inspiritation finally settles from a character in the book ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’. The key moment in which the penny dropped and..


Track three brings us to Roll On. Close your eyes, take a deep breath…. You’re cruising down an unknown road. The sun is sinking into the horizon and a breeze is quietly whispering in your ear. You don’t know where you are going to end up, but you have no fear. A song to accompany..


The 2nd track from ‘Where The Wild Things Hide and Hunt’ is ‘My Darling’. Here we have a classic love song (yes, you did read that correctly). We too have a squidgy emotional bit inside of that hardened outer layer. The theme of My Darling focus’ on the acceptance of each other within a relationship...

But what does it all mean? #1

Songs and lyrics can be interpreted in many ways. Depending on the listeners mood or state of mind, songs may mean something different to the train of thought they were written (sometimes you end up singing and dancing along oblivious to the fact you’ve got the words completely wrong….ah beautiful life). So we are going..