Last live stream for a while!

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True Strays FM with James Graham

We have passed £6000! Hallelujah! Thank you!! 💪💪

12 days to go! Your kindness, support and encouragement so far has been totally overwhelming. You have made to guys from Wiltshire very happy!

There’s one limited edition T-Shirt left on our Kickstarter here:…/true-strays-kickstart…/rewards

You have helped us exceed all our expectations for this crowdfunder. We need £9000 to do the whole album so all donations will go along way to getting this album finished quicker and sounding juicier!

Today’s special guest is James Graham who plays with Hannah Williams and is a pianist genius! Check out his work here:


This is the last in a series of live streams. True Strays FM Live is all covers, all hits, all the time.

The set list today is

Gimme All Your Lovin’ – ZZ Top
Maybeline – Chuck Berry
Juice – Lizzo
Money Maker – Elmore James
Take This Hammer – Leadbelly
Mojo Workin’ – Muddy Waters