Lets Kickstart this Kickstarter!

Tomorrow is the day we’ve been excited about but nervously anticipating for a while now. Wed 1st July is the start of our Kickstart campaign to raise £4500 towards completing our debut album.

As with most people across the world Covid-19 has disrupted our lives. It has meant that all our shows and tours for 2020 have been cancelled, and subsequently all our income. This is why we have nervously reached out to you, our supporters, fans and friends to help us raise the rest of the money to be able to complete our debut album.

To find out more about our story head over to our Kickstarter page. We have tried to make the giving process as interactive and rewarding for you as possible. All pledgers names are going to appear in the album artwork, and if we can organise ourselves we’ll aim to get a photo of all your beautiful faces in there too. So head on over to the Kickstarter and see what reward would suit you.

Peace and love