Spotify Modern Blues Rock Playlist

(Gary Clark Jr)

So Spotify is a kind of a you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them kind of service. As a consumer you get limitless music for the price of one CD per month. As an artist you get a % share of Spotify’s monthy revenue. It means if you are Ed Sheeran and have a say 30% share of all streaming on Spotify that month, then you get paid pretty good. But west country small fry like us are in the 0.000000008%’s so our revenue monthly income isn’t great. We try and compete with Ed Sheeran but he’s got his streaming game down to a tee!

But what Spotify does offer artists like us is a platform. Any artist on Spotify can submit their latest release to be considered for one of the countless editorial playlists that have tens of thousands of regular listens. Just through a few easy steps our music is now on two Spotify playlists that have boosted our monthly listeners from 600 to 12,000! Our followers are slowly growing towards 1000. This is why Spotify is GREAT. It allows newcomers and independents the opportunity to showcase their material alongside their contemporaries and their influences with much bigger fanbases or label backing.

Just after COVID came along and cancelled our tour etc, we got an email to say we have been added to the above playlist alongside some real heavy weights of the genre that we like to dabble within. Check out the playlist. You can listen to Gary Clark Jr, Black Keys, Ida May, Larkin Poe, Marcus King and now True Strays! Thank you Spotify!!

Listen here.

Also we are on the Nu Blue playlist on Spotify here.

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