Photo by Paul James.

We just wanted to say happy new year to you all on here! Here’s to a greater 2019 for the planet. ✌️ Just wanted to say thank you for the great musical year we have had and all the wonderful support we have received.

We’ve been going just over 2 years, we feel blessed to have play over 20 festivals this year, headlined in Belgium at La Truite Magique – Festival in the Woods, released our debut EP on vinyl, completed two UK tours, worked with awesome musicians, producers Tom B. Cooper and Lorne Ashley and promoters. Ended the year with with a packed home show at The Mothers Ruin! Thankyou to Rich at The Mojo Hobo Agency for taking us on…. Thank you Fieldview Festival and it’s wonders!

Most all thank you anyone who liked us on here, came to a gig, shared a video, gave us a gig…. respect. Without you it wouldn’t be possible or worth it.

Much love to our families, friends and girlfriends for encouraging our music. Thank you to all the wonderful musicians who played with us on stage this year. We are currently hibernating and working on new music. James X

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