To get the True Strays train moving again we have come up with a cunning plan. We will stream on a Sunday afternoon, this will be part of our Kickstarter Campaign to raise £4500 in 31 days to finance our debut album.

Starting on 1st July, we will reaching out to everyone we ever met, seeing if they can help make this album happen. We lost a lot of shows and festivals, like every other artist, during this period and we thought this would be an exciting way to get everyone one together. If we reach the target, James has some special pink short shorts he will don for you all! Who knows what Joe might have in store for you all!

As live streaming as lost its edge over the last 12 weeks of eternal screen time, we are trying to mix it up a bit! The first show will be a live show with hopefully more musicians.

True Strays FM will bring you the hottest songs in our lives. Live from our living room. Tune in. Turn it up. Get ready for a peek into the soundtrack of our trips up and down the concrete highways of Britain.

On the 12th July, James will take you through an introduction to slide guitar. So dust off that old steel six string and get ready to try out some slide guitar in open D tuning. Beginners and intermediates welcome!

The 19th July, will see us unify around some upbeat classics that we love to play during pub lock ins. So its True Strays radio but with us as a live band. Why? Why not!

As ever, spread the word and drop us a message to say hi!