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New Single: Campesina

True Strays release new single ‘Campesina’ on Friday 20th March. Followed by extensive UK Tour! Follow on Spotify to catch it!

Campesina, recorded on 8 track tape in New Cut Studios, Bristol, on analogue equipment, is the first single from the forthcoming debut album from True Strays. The song was recorded in one day as a challenge to recreate the studio process of the pre-digital era. Tracked live, Campesina (Country Girl in Spanish) is a joyous declaration of love between two people from different worlds and how by celebrating our shared commonalities and connection to the land we can overcome our differences. The track will be released in conjunction with the UN’s World Happiness Day on the 20th March. “ This year’s theme is Happier Together , focusing on what we have in common, rather than what divides us.”

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Beyond The Horizon Tour 2020

We chose that name because we feel like this is our first proper UK Tour after a life time playing in bands and we wanted a name that conveyed the hope and positivity for this new chapter in the bands life. We have been going 3 years now and we are absolutely buzzing to be bringing our songs old and new to some of our favourite venues and a whole heap of new cities and places. To have the opportunity to complete a headline tour is a dream!

This is an opportunity for us to showcase some new material that we have spent the Autumn and the dark winter months working on and some of our current crowd favourites. The new material is some of our most open, honest and expansive yet.

As for the tour, It’s a dream for your band to be the reason to visit new places. We can’t wait to meet new people and share our latest music. This tour is our most exciting one yet because it’s a full UK tour. It’s always been our intention to get up to the North of England and Scotland and now it’s happening! For tickets click here.