Songs and lyrics can be interpreted in many ways. Depending on the listeners mood or state of mind, songs may mean something different to the train of thought they were written (sometimes you end up singing and dancing along oblivious to the fact you’ve got the words completely wrong….ah beautiful life). So we are going to share with you the lyrics to each song on the EP and our thought train behind them.

First Up;
Oh My Love

In a nut shell this is an anti-fracking song. Its taking a look at the nasty process of drilling and hacking into our beautiful, peaceful, vibrant, full of life landscape, pumping it full of chemicals, sand and water at high pressure to release small amounts of shale gas that lies in the earth deep below us.
This process is known to contaminate our water supplies, cause tremors in the land and destroy natural habitats.
It seems the companies, and our current government behind these process’ have no empathy for anything but asserting themselves on our lands and making themselves some ££££££ at all of our expense!


The lyrics depict a timeline process of untouched paradise, to greasy business ‘suits’ moving in on the land blinckered to the problems they will leave behind just to make themselves some cash!

Oh My Love

Going down to the waterfront
Where the wild things hide and hunt
It’s calm and beautiful

Paradise up for spoil
A big old hit with the gas and oil
A tragedy to behold

Oh My Love

Now the suits they strut and stroll
Asserting all their control
On this wilderness
We want growth right here right now
Time to brand this new cash cow
This shits bigger than you

Oh my love, pray to the god above
To help us stop this race
Oh my love, pray to the god above
To help us save this place

Now the soil’s black and blue
Cancer’s deep inside of you
But there’s no problems here
Just another slash and burn
From these lessons we won’t learn
Fate unfolds before us

Got what you wanted. Got what you need.

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