The repaired Nashville Gibson SG 2005

Throw away or repair? Do we still fix things when they are broken? Here is a tale of repairing and quality workmanship! Check Drummond & Hammond Guitars!

This is my repaired Gibson SG made in Nashville in 2005. In about 2010, I was playing a show with my old band at Fieldview Festival and my equipment kept cutting out. For some reason in those days I would never service my gear resulting in my guitar cutting out most gigs. Some self sabotage maybe.

Anyways, during the last song my guitar cut out and I just lost it and swang it round my head Pete Townsend style and launched it high in the air and walked disgruntled off stage. This was one of our ‘biggest’ gigs yet and I had blown it! The headstock snapped off and I took it to a guitar shop in Birmingham and they said it was unfixable and I would need a replacement.

Reinforced Headstock

For 10 years the SG sat gathering dust in my bedroom. An ornament. A relic of former lives.

Body Fill.
Broken Truss Rod

Then I met Patch Hammett of Drummond and Hammett Guitars an independent guitar maker who is based in Easton, Bristol. I showed him this carcass of a guitar and he was so keen to repair and fix her up. Over a 3-4 months Patch brought the old SG back to life.

He filled holes, he fixed the trust rod, he reinforced the head stock, he sourced the original tuning pegs. He won’t tell me how much time he spent but Patch thank you! I managed to get the SG on the new album last week. So glad I chose repair rather than throw away. Anyone else love getting stuff repaired or is it just me? James

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