Track three brings us to Roll On.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath…. You’re cruising down an unknown road. The sun is sinking into the horizon and a breeze is quietly whispering in your ear. You don’t know where you are going to end up, but you have no fear.

A song to accompany your wild, wandering (and sometimes too well tamed) free spirit within.
Written on a road trip from Cornwall to Morocco, a learning curve of surrendering to the moment and letting go. Letting go of what? Who knows? Its irrelevant, but you just got to be open and let go sometimes.

Roll On

Leave your baggage, up on the window sill
Carry with you, nothing to hold you down
Rest your head upon a travelling breeze
She will carry you, she will carry you

Offer up as air, hopes to breathe
Worries pass you by and leave you in peace
What you meet might help your eyes to see
Your mind’s belief

Roll on, roll on, you’ll find your setting sun
Roll on, roll on, you’ll your find your only one

Stars they let you know, that you’re still here
Muddy boots will show you, where you’ve been
Tomorrows light will guide you, where to go
Go with the flow, go with the flow

Roll on, roll on, you’ll find your setting sun
Roll on, roll on, you’ll find your only one

I’ve got an itching, my soul is twitching, it’s time to go
I’ve been yawning, a new day dawning, let’s hit the road…

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