You can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.

Since I Was A Boy

A song of betrayal, of false hope and breaking free from the ties that have held you back and held you down.

There are moments in life when we are deceived and lied to, but we don’t always realise it at the point at which it happens. It reveals itself (and it always does) at sompoint further down the line. At a moment where we can stand on the outside looking in.

But once you can see the whole picture within the frame, you can move forward. You can make something positive out of the ashes of what’s been, sow your own dreams and take hold of your own destiny.

Since I Was a Boy.

You turn steps, into strides
Bleached black, my insides
Ain’t no laws, in this town

Don’t want no, lawyers around!
You know I meant it, what I said
You know I meant it, I’m not brain dead
Flip a knife, cut the bastard out
Sow my own stitches, without a doubt

Since I was a boy, been drawn to the dust
The wide expanses, my dreams filled up with lust

Spent all night, lost in your deep waves
Your purring voice, cosmic caves
There’s beauty in the bones, ground to dust
Abandoned places, in god we trust

Who knew every little piece of you, would fall down, fall down