While we mix our new albums worth of material, we have taken a dive into the archives and dug out a song we haven’t released as a single before.

Like A Shadow

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It was strange making this video, looking at how busy we used to be. We did so much in the first few years of this band. We were playing nearly every weekend, holding down jobs, relationships and travelling like madmen all over the country and abroad. We’d play 2 – 4 shows a week. Sleep in tents. Party. Crawl home. Sleep for a day. Go to work for a few days and then do it all over again the next weekend. It was a lot of fun and a part of me misses it. But its made me reflect on how much we pushed ourselves physically & mentally in pursuit of some abstract musical goal or ambition. Madness.

Why do we push ourselves so much and for what gain?

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James & Joe X