Here is the artwork for the new EP designed by the talented Charlotte Ferreira, who is actually now a kickass¬†upholstery maker and shaker! The EP is titled ‘Where the Wild Things Hide and Hunt.’ We sent Charlotte some of the lyrics and themes in the music and she did her thing and came up with these images. New EP out on May 11th on the world wide web.¬†

The last image is her first draft on tracing paper. Here’s what she had to say about it;

‘So here’s a mock up of my idea. When I first started reading through your notes and lyrics it was an image that popped into my head and I couldn’t really shake. It’s based upon the ideas of change and growth and nature taking over. So it represents the idea of the natural world becoming part of the human form, which is represented as a heart. The roots of the plant are actually coils of hair. It has a dark edge too and the line ‘where the wild things hide and hunt’ came to mind, like the idea that the plants have captured the heart.

See what you think, I’ve been really inspired by all the amazing plants from the desert here in San Fran. One of the ones depicted is a Lilly of the valley which is actually lethal to humans.’


Pre-order a copy from our online store here on our website or come and grab one from a show. X

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