Tilly May Photography

It’s a new year. We are currently holed up in Tom B Cooper’s studio putting on the oo’s and the la’s to our new material. Tom is our Rick Rubin. He is a zen buddha. He let’s us do our thing until we have gone too far and then he reins us back in with wizard positivity. If you need a producer. He is the man!

We have got some new pretty press pics. You can see one above. Thank you Tilly May for putting up with us on a cold afternoon in November.

The new EP is taking shape real nicely. Taking our time to re-amp everything within an inch of perfection. Looking at creating less dense compositions. Creating more space for things to do their thing.

We had a meeting with a wonderful Bristol based artist called Brook Tate. Check out is phenomenal work here.

We have our biggest headline shows to date coming up in Bristol and London. We got some exciting festival news the other day. But we can’t tell you about it yet. Peace. X