The Extinction Rebellion Summer Uprising starts THIS Monday 15th July in Bristol/Cardif/Leeds/Glasgow/London. Check it out!

This video, for our latest single ‘Sabotage State of Mind,’ was made by our friend Linford. Written by Joseph James.

Shot at the Spring Uprising April 2019 in London, all the footage is of the kind people who attended that protest, gave up weeks of their holiday time, camped in London. Over 1000 people agreed to be arrested as part of the peaceful protest. Thank you for allowing this footage to be shared. It was an important moment in our story.

The sixth mass extinction is underway!

1 million plant and animal species are threatened with extinction!

We need to change the systems we live within NOW to save our futures!

We played at the Spring Uprising. It was beautiful. On the back of a solar powered truck with a great energy of hope in the air. We always wanted something important to happen in our time. A big movement for a better world.

I (James) was in London for 3 days when Oxford Circus was occupied. I slept under the pink boat. It was the most intense, beautiful and vulnerable 3 days of peaceful protest I have ever experienced. The protest itself lasted over 2 weeks. It brought the UK governement to announce a Climate Emergency! There is only so much difference an individual can make when the system we live within is hell bent on expansion and destruction.

To see people in London coming together, creating art in private spaces, bringing nature onto concrete roads, children drawing in the street with chalk and people stopping to see what was going on; it was incredible. All the people I spoke to, 9 out of 10 were incredible supportive of the disruption we were causing. We are all united in our fear for our planet.

We need 3.5% of the UK’s population active to bring about systemic change.

Talk to your loved ones, friends and colleagues about this situation. Check out Extinction Rebellion. Come and see a protest near you this week!

What could the future look like if we made the transition? What do you think?

My dream would be that communities would come back together. We could have more time. Less work. Less stress. As a teacher, education needs to completely re-thought to value different learning styles. Children need to discover who they are and what their strengths are! Our system suffocates children’s sense of self!

What would a better future look like to you?

Hope you enjoy the video. James and Joe X