Canción numéro 4…. Heal The Haunting

Damn those scrounging, lingering demons….

This was a song that lyrically took many forms before it revealed its true self.
Stanzas whirling and never fixating until inspiritation finally settles from a character in the book ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’. The key moment in which the penny dropped and landed face side up came from a saying the young boy in the book would use if his emotions became hard to deal with; ‘he felt the “Heavy Boots” coming on’. Envision the image of big, clumpy, heavy boots slowing you down and holding you back, thus came the opening verse to Heal the Haunting.

The song develops on this theme of having emotional issues, a shadow, a dark side, of being haunted by your demons. At somepoint, we have to stand up face to face with these ugly fears and say; “Hey, you’re not getting a free ride from me no more, time to beat it wise guy, get otta here”!

Ultimately this song is about overcoming your inner turmoil, letting go of unwanted anxieties and freeing yourself from the demons that haunt you and bring you down……Be the river people.

Heal The Haunting

Heal the haunting now

Hold me down, hold me down
Heavy old boots keep your thoughts going ’round
Hold you back, hold you back
Hanging onto trouble in the pocket of your old backpack
Hanging onto trouble keeps the trouble coming rolling

Heal the haunting now
Heal the haunting somehow

Time to go, time to go
Time to kick the habit keep your lamp from burning low

Time to meet your maker, set those demons free, time to call the preacher, it ends here with me…

Heal the haunting now
Heal the haunting somehow